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Hyper Tails Saltwater  Click here to buy

Dress up the Hyper Striper HD or the Bucktail Jig with one of these lively Hyper Tails to make a bigger profile and attract more attention. Its grub-like body provides plenty of rigging area. The thin tail has a "ridge" along its lateral line on both sides to support its length, and the tail's knife-blade-beveled edges keep this trailer dancing with even the slightest of motion.

Hyper Tail SW: Available sizes and colors
4" Black
4" Blue Ice
4" Chartreuse Clitter
4" Electric Chicken
4" Fire Tiger
4" Hot Pink
4" Pearl
4" Pink
4" Silky Chartreuse
4" Smoke
4" White
6" Black
6" Blue Ice
6" Chartreuse Clitter
6" Electric Chicken
6" Fire Tiger
6" Hot Pink
6" Pearl
6" Pink
6" Silky Chartreuse
6" Smoke
6" White