For nearly 25 years, this horse-head jig with spinner and bucktail has been a mainstay in the tacklebox of striper fishermen across the country. Now with new colors, plus a premium model.

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Introduced in 1987, the original Hyper Striper is still one of the fish catchingest baits on the market today. Quality components throughout, this popular horse-head jig with spinner is made for doing some serious catching yet it remains one of the easiest of all lures to fish. You can't fish it wrong. There's a size and color for most every fishing situation.
Hyper Striper

Hound Dog Lure Retriever
Hyper Striper: Available weights and colors
3/8 oz. Red Shad
3/8 oz. Pearl
3/8 oz. Hot Yellow
3/8 oz. Gray Shad
3/8 oz. Chartreuse
3/8 oz. Chartreuse Shad
3/8 oz. Blue Shad

1.5 oz. Red Shad
1.5 oz. Pearl
1.5 oz. Hot Yellow
1.5 oz. Gray Shad
1.5 oz. Chartreuse
1.5 oz. Chartreuse Shad
1.5 oz. Blue Shad
1/2 oz. Red Shad
1/2 oz. Pearl
1/2 oz. Hot Yellow
1/2 oz. Gray Shad
1/2 oz. Chartreuse
1/2 oz. Chartreuse Shad
1/2 oz. Blue Shad
3/4 oz. Red Shad
3/4 oz. Pearl
3/4 oz. Hot Yellow
3/4 oz. Gray Shad
3/4 oz. Chartreuse
3/4 oz. Chartreuse Shad
3/4 oz. Blue Shad
1 oz. Red Shad
1 oz. Pearl
1 oz. Hot Yellow
1 oz. Gray Shad
1 oz. Chartreuse
1 oz. Chartreuse Shad
1 oz. Blue Shad