A United States precision-manufacturer of famous brand name and private-labeled fishing lures. With our own milling center and CAD programs, we can take a good idea to prototype to finished product.

For nearly 25 years, this horse-head jig with spinner and bucktail has been a mainstay in the tacklebox of striper fishermen across the country. Now with new colors, plus a premium model.

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This line of jigheads is proof that value-priced doesn't have to mean looking overseas where quality can be suspect and delivery unpredictable. Big Strike is quality made and American made.

Bringing innovation and quality together in a full line of lead and soft plastic products for coastal species including redfish, trout, flounder, stripers and others. Leading the way is the brand new Bull Burner.


KG Enterprise has earned its "Tradition of Excellence" reputation based on nearly three decades of precision-manufacturing expertise for fishing products. Some are made for our own brands, while many more are built for other top fishing tackle companies and brands. We take great pride in our contract-manufacturing relationships. We have an impeccable track record of protecting the proprietary information of each company we work with, and giving all exactly the same level of attention to quality and service.

KG Enterprise offers lead casting and soft plastic injection capabilities. What we are able to provide in product development expertise can be beneficial to start-up businesses who are introducing their first products, as well as to mid- and large-sized companies with manufacturing needs complementary to their own. Our product-development engineers are accustomed to working with everything from blueprints to napkin drawings to start the design process.

Once CAD drawings are approved, we cut precision molds in aircraft-grade aluminum at our own multi-hundred thousand dollars milling center. Often lure manufacturers rely on the less expensive rubber or silicone molds, which don't offer the same degree of mold precision or life as aluminum.

Whatever your reason for visiting our web site, we hope it is obvious that we take our reputation seriously. Any KG-made fishing item is going to be exactly the same regardless if it was made yesterday, today or tomorrow. If a product’s package has the KG Enterprise seal, it is "Satisfaction Guaranteed!"